Come fly with us!

Guys and gals, we have extended the deadline to purchase your tickets to the Always A Chance ball until the end of the month! We can’t wait to see you all there in your suits and gowns! AAC x


Donations Instead of Flowers

After some devastating losses in the AAC family, we would like to thank the families and friends of Desmond Walton, Ronald Way and Malcom Edwards.

Thank you for so generously choosing to donate to Always A Chance in memory of your loved ones instead of buying flowers. Their spirits will live on through the many young people we aim to help, as well as the families affected by violent crime.


Second SAMM Abroad Conference supported by AAC and the University of Northampton

Sunday was the culmination of the second SAMM Abroad Conference sponsored by Always A Chance and the University of Northampton.
There was a very moving ceremony around the tree of remembrance led by Kathleen O’Hara, American author of ‘Grief Like no other’ – one of the Saturday’s guest speakers. The other speaker, Georgie Vestey gave an insight into effective communication with the media following events creating tragedy and grief. Today the families placed a yellow ribbon on the tree in memory of loved ones who had been murdered overseas. Following the ceremony delegates engaged in therapeutic sessions such as yoga, massage or a local walk. The weekend was a huge success with families expressing how much they appreciated a forum which enabled them to share their stories and feed into opportunities to lobby government for greater support by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for families affected by overseas homicide.

None of this could have happened without the generous support of all of you who have donated money to AAC. If you had observed these families coming together and supporting one another you would have seen how worthwhile this event was.

Thank you x

Love Song – a poem from the recent memorial service in London

Poem from the 20th Annual Memorial Service of Remembrance for Families & Friends bereaved by Homicide:

A Love Song

The mention of my loved ones name
May bring tears to my eyes
But it never fails to bring music to my ears
If you really do care
If you really are my friend
Please don’t keep me from hearing
The beautiful music
The sound of my loved ones name
Soothes my heavy heart
And fills my soul with love
Please mention my loved ones name
See beyond my tears
And allow me to listen to the beautiful music